Collection: Automatic Collection

If you just need to know the correct time, look at your phone or, get a cheap digital watch. A mechanical watch will not have the same accuracy. What it does have though, is craftsmanship, beauty, and style. A nice watch is more than just a way of telling the time. It’s a functional piece of jewelry that can say a lot about you. If you are the adventurous sort, wear a sports watch. If you spent a lot of time at the office or meeting people, a dress watch is what you need.

There’s something incredible about an automatic (or self-winding) watch. The fast, audible, mechanical ticking, the tiny intricate parts all working together to keep the correct time, the fact that just wearing it is enough to keep it wound. Mechanical watches required more time and thought from the watchmakers than an expensive quartz watch.
Condotti provides an inexpensive but beautiful automatic watch, with a sporty and classical look.